Brouwerij Kestemont: A New Lambic Producer in Belgium

Brouwerij Kestemont is a new lambic producer located in Dilbeek, Belgium. Leas Kestemont, passionate about traditional Belgian beer, founded the brewery.

The brewery is located on a former farm once home to Brouwerij Goossens, a lambic producer that closed in the late 1970s.

Brouwerij Kestemont – The Brewery’s History

Brouwerij Goossens was founded in the early 1900s and was one of Belgium’s leading producers of lambics.

The brewery closed in the late 1970s due to declining lambics’ popularity and the owner’s death.

The property, once home to Brouwerij Goossens, was abandoned for many years. Leas Kestemont acquired the property four years ago and transformed it into a new lambic brewery.

Brouwerij Kestemont - the brewery's history

The Brewing Process

Brouwerij Kestemont uses traditional methods to brew its lambics.
They ferment the wort in open vessels and age the beer in wooden barrels.

The brewery also uses wild yeasts, giving the beers unique flavors.

The Beers

Brouwerij Kestemont produces a variety of lambics, including Oude Kriek, Oude Gueuze, and Faro.

Its most notable labels are Oude Kriek with Cherries from Schaerbeek, Oude Kriek, Green Gooseberry, Rhubarb, and Apricot.

The brewery also has a limited number of experimental beers.

Beer of Brouwerij Kestemont

The Visit

The Belgian Beer Expedition 2023 members visited Brouwerij Kestemont on April 13, even though the trip had yet to start. It was a plus to them.

The expedition members learned about the brewery’s history and brewing process and had the opportunity to taste some of the brewery’s beers.

The expedition members were impressed by the quality and complexity of Brouwerij Kestemont’s beers. They agreed that the brewery is a must-visit destination for any Belgian beer fan.

Brouwerij Kestemont visited by World Beer Expedition Belgian 2023


Brouwerij Kestemont is a new and exciting lambic producer in Belgium. The brewery is committed to producing traditional Belgian beers using traditional methods.

The beers are of high quality and have complex flavors.
If you are a Belgian beer fan, I highly recommend visiting this historical brewery.

You will not be disappointed.

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