An Unforgettable Beer Lover’s Adventure: A Belgian Beer Expedition Tale

Calling all beer aficionados to our Belgium Beer Trip!

Grab your passports and embark on our next epic beer odyssey through Belgium, guided by Belgian Belgian beer expert Doug Merlo.

Join us as we recount the Belgian Beer Expedition 2024 highlights, an immersive journey into the country’s rich brewing heritage and culture.

A Family Tradition: Brasserie de Blaugies and Le Fourquet

Our expedition started at Brasserie de Blaugies, a family-run brewery established in 1906 that still upholds its traditional brewing methods. Here, we had the privilege of savoring their world-famous farmhouse ales, an incredible sensory experience.

We indulged in a delectable lunch at Le Fourquet restaurant to complement the tasting, featuring regional specialties paired with the brewery’s finest brews.

A Symphony of Tart Flavors: Rodenbach Brewery

In Roeselare, we delved into the world of Rodenbach Brewery, renowned for its Flanders Red Ales, which are characterized by their refreshing tartness and fruity notes.

Our guided tasting allowed us to explore the nuances of Rodenbach’s offerings, from the classic Rodenbach Classic to the aged Rodenbach Grand Cru.

A Trappist Sanctuary: Rochefort Trappistes

Our pilgrimage led us to Rochefort, home to the legendary Notre Dame de Saint-Rémy Abbey, where Trappist monks have been brewing for centuries. We had the opportunity to sample all three Rochefort beers, each with its unique character:

  • Rochefort 8, a dark and complex amber ale
  • Rochefort 10, a rich and full-bodied strong ale
  • Rochefort 12, a dark and powerful quadruple ale

A Journey Through History: Liefmans

In Dendermonde, we visited Liefmans Brewery, established in 1679 and known for its Oud Bruin beers, characterized by their complex acidity and fruity flavors.

Our guided tasting took us on a journey through the brewery’s history, exploring the various brewing techniques and ingredients used over the centuries.

An Authentic Lambic Experience: Cantillon

In Brussels, we had the unique opportunity to visit Cantillon Brewery, one of the last traditional lambic breweries in the world.

Here, we witnessed the artisanal lambic brewing process, from spontaneous fermentation to manual bottling. Cantillon’s beers are renowned for their complex tartness and fruity notes, and the tasting was an unforgettable sensory experience.

A Gueuze Paradise: 3 Fouteinen

In Beersel, we paid homage to 3 Fouteinen, a brewery specializing in gueuze, a lambic beer made from blending young and old lambics.

We had the chance to savor various 3 Fouteinen gueuzes, each with its unique character, and learn about the secrets of gueuze production.

3 founteinen na Belgium Beer Expedition 2024

In de Vrede – Westvleteren: The World’s Most Coveted Beer

Our expedition culminated in a visit to the legendary Sint Sixtus Abbey, where Trappist monks produce Westvleteren 12, widely considered the world’s best beer. Sampling this rare and exclusive brew was a special moment for all expedition participants.

Beyond the Beer: A Culinary and Cultural Adventure

The Belgian Beer Expedition 2024 extended beyond brewery visits and tastings, encompassing moments of relaxation and camaraderie among participants.

We savored delectable Belgian cuisine, explored traditional beer cafes, and shared our passion for beer with fellow enthusiasts.

An Unforgettable Journey

The Belgian Beer Expedition 2024 transcended a mere beer tourism trip; it was an odyssey of knowledge, discovery, and friendship, forever etched in the memories of each participant.

Calling All Beer Pilgrims

If you’re a beer aficionado yearning to explore Belgium, stay tuned for upcoming Belgian Beer Trip adventures. This is an unparalleled and unmissable experience!

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