beer travel tips

Beer Travel Tips

We’ve compiled some invaluable tips to enhance your beer tour experience:

Passport Prerequisites: Ensure your passports are not only up-to-date for the entire trip but also valid for at least six months beyond your return date.

Name Consistency: Double-check that the name on your air ticket matches the name on your passport precisely.

Financial Prep: Notify your credit card companies and your debit card bank of your travel plans, including the countries and dates you’ll be visiting, to prevent potential card freezes due to fraud alerts.

PIN Power: Memorize your PIN numbers for both debit and credit cards for smooth financial transactions.

Smart Currency Exchange: Opt to withdraw Euros from ATMs using your debit card for the most favorable exchange rates. Avoid airport exchange booths, which often offer less favorable rates for both buying and selling currency.

Cash Cushion: Carry at least USD 500 in cash as a safety net in case your cards fail or you can’t locate an ATM compatible with your system. Keep the cash on your person, not in your room or luggage.

No to Traveler’s Checks: Skip traveler’s checks, as they can be challenging to cash, and many places do not accept them.

Stay Alert: In crowded areas like airports, train stations, and markets, be vigilant against pickpockets. Keep your wallet in your front pocket, and ensure your purses are securely zipped.

Documentation Duplication: Keep a photocopy of your passport and CDC vaccination card separate from your passport. Scan and store them in a secure cloud location like Google Docs for remote access.

Phone Plan Prep: If you plan to use your cell phone in Europe, contact your provider to verify compatibility or request a temporary phone. Alternatively, obtain an international calling card or unlock your phone for a European SIM card.

Communication Apps: Download WhatsApp to stay connected with tour members and loved ones back home.

Medication Management: Ensure you have an adequate supply of prescription medications before departing the U.S.

TSA Tune-Up: Familiarize yourself with the latest TSA rules regarding carry-on items (Transportation Security Administration).

Luggage Light: Pack efficiently with one medium-sized bag and one small carry-on. Avoid overpacking; it’s acceptable to re-wear clothing. Opt for luggage with sturdy wheels.

Duffel for Dirty Laundry: Pack an empty duffel bag inside your luggage to transport dirty laundry and TSA-approved items on your return journey, leaving space for the beer you’ll undoubtedly purchase.

Weighty Matters: Be cautious of luggage weight limits; consider a portable luggage scale to avoid costly overweight baggage fees.

Buying Beer: Exercise restraint when purchasing beer, as excess baggage charges can be steep. You’re allowed one free checked bag on overseas flights.

Security Zip Ties: Use plastic zip ties to secure your luggage zippers during transit to deter potential thieves.

Research and Planning: Research the cities you’ll visit to maximize your free time exploring museums and attractions.

Hydration Balance: Consume plenty of water, aiming for one glass per beer to maintain well-being during extended beer sampling. Ease into the tour with moderation on your first night.

Cultural Etiquette: Emphasize courtesy and politeness while traveling, respecting local customs like removing hats indoors, especially at meal tables.

Coffee Lovers: Carry a large travel cup for coffee to ensure you have enough during the day and on the go.

Snack Stash: Bring a zip-lock bag to discreetly prepare sandwiches during breakfast, saving them for later adventures between breweries.

Enjoy your beer tour to the fullest by following these enhanced tips.

Cheers to an unforgettable journey!