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Our fourth visit to Belgium in 2020 was a chance to experience the vast array of unique and delicious Belgian beers. From Trappist to Lambics, we tasted beers that were both familiar and new. Belgium is truly the ultimate destination for beer enthusiasts, and it continues to be the flagship of our beer travel dreams.

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January 31, 2020


February 9, 2020

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An unforgettable, sensational and exclusive experience that is only possible on a trip like this.
Ney Moreira testimonial beer travel
Ney Moreira
It's a fantastic expedition, we're only halfway through the journey and we've already had fantastic and unforgettable visits to the history of beer, with a complexity of flavors and aromas.
Eduardo Schroeder - World Beer Expedition Belgium
Eduardo Schroeder
In almost every place we visited, we had lunches paired with beers. But at Rodenbach, we had lunch among the fermenting barrels, which was an absolutely incredible experience.
Luiz Otavio Ferreira travellling wirh World Beer Expedition
Luiz Otavio Alves Ferreira
During the visits, we are accompanied by the brewers themselves, who share with us the soul of the beer and the tradition of Belgian brewing.
Mariana Dourado travelling with World Beer Expedition
Mariana Dourado